This website contains some of my writings, ideas, projects, etc... from the year 0002022 and onwards. This content spans some of my interests, which include forecasting, artificial intelligence, safeguarding humanity from extreme risks, genetic engineering, technological progress, rationality, and statistics. I use this site to organize my work and to show others some of the things I've created or collected. Until I indicate otherwise, most of the articles on this site are vacuous - I am incrementally adding things, and this site is not my top priority. Considerations for the site's content can be found above on the Site page; contact information can be located on the Contact page; and any content on this site not displayed on the front page can be found on the CW page. The name of this site - Cirrostratus Whispers - was inspired by my appreciation of Cirrostratus clouds and by my inclination towards uncommon amalgamations of words.