• Observations on My Health (18 July 2022 - 18 July 2022)

    This page serves as a repository of my notes and observations on changes in my health over time. Whenever I come to believe my psychological or physical state has altered in a highly noticeable manner, I try to record the changes here.


  • Wikipedia Entries to Explore (13 June 2022 - 08 August 2022)

    A list of Wikipedia entries I want to explore more.

  • Trials in Decision Making (13 June 2022)

    Frame: A place where I explore different tools for decision making, using my own goals and desires as the decision-fodder.

  • Art Docking Bay (11 June 2022 - 27 June 2022)

    A docking bay for the images and artworks that I want to use in future posts.

  • Confirmed Cases of Monkeypox in Europe (09 June 2022 - 27 June 2022)

    A look at the number of monkeypox cases in Europe by July 1st 2022.

  • Modeling Humanity's Robustness to GC/X-Risks (09 June 2022 - 09 June 2022)

    An LW post I wrote trying to capture the idea that bacterial modeling may be able to be used to approximate human population and migration responses to global catastrophes.

  • DNA Digital Data Storage (05 June 2022 - 25 June 2022)

    Some threads of molecular biology that funnel into a look at humanity's digital data production before terminating with a treatment of the subject of this article's title; there are some forecasting questions in the brew as well.

  • "Global health is important for the epistemic foundations of EA, even for longtermists" (02 June 2022 - 02 June 2022)

    Some notes on Owen Cotton-Barratt's EAF post "OGlobal health is important for the epistemic foundations of EA, even for longtermists"



  • One of My Reading Lists (19 April 2022 - 06 August 2022)

    For the most part, an unordered and unprioritized list of articles, books, blog posts, and other things I wish to use to learn.



  • 2022 ACX Prediction Contest (22 February 2022 - 23 March 2022)

    My predictions for Scott Alexander's 2022 ACX Prediction Contest, along with (eventually) an analysis of my performance and a discussion on the outcomes of the questions.

  • Forecasting Designer Babies (22 February 2022 - 11 March 2022)

    My forecasts and thoughts on how many gene-edited babies will be born in the coming decades; this post does not contain detailed background information on gene-editing technology, or on policy relating to human gene-editing.

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